WA 1440 Entry (13/09/20)


Entry for WA 1440 Tournament

Sunday 13th September 2020

Please be sure to enter the correct information for the archer before selecting Add To Basket.

If you wish to enter multiple archers, simply return to the item in the store to start the process again for the next person.

The Record Status Shoot will be liable for drug testing; competitors approached to give samples must comply as refusal will be treated as a positive result. By entering online parents or carers of competitors under the age of 18 are signalling their consent to drug testing if required.

You are required to tick the box to accept the GDPR statement as below:

You agree that when you enter a competition the following information may be collected and shared with tournament organisers, scoring systems and other competitors for example target lists and results may be published: First Name, Surname, Gender, Bow style, Date of Birth / Age category, Email, Address, Phone number, Club (and ID), County (and ID), Region (and ID), Round (unless defined by age), Disabled (Y/N), Disability info.

You agree that we may contact you via email for the purpose of organising this tournament, such as notification of changes to the tournament or when target lists or results are available

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