Fox Awards

The Leicestershire & Rutland Fox Award’ has been designed to provide archers of all ages (Junior & Senior), who are not yet shooting scores high enough to achieve WA or Rose Awards, an incentive to improve their archery skills.

The Fox Award is open to all L&RCAA archers and comprises a royal blue fox hanger with 6 bars.  The coloured bars indicate increased proficiency and are white, black, blue, red, gold & purple.

Each coloured bar can be claimed once an archer achieves the minimum score for the round being shot (shown in the table below) in accordance with their bow style, age group & gender.

For example a senior must shoot a full Wariwck round 2 dozen arrows at 60 yds and 2 dozen arrows at 50 yds. A Gents U14 would shoot a Junior Warwick and a Ladies U14 would shoot a Short Junior Warwick

If unsure please see the ‘Juniors Round Guide’ on the L&RCAA website or refer to AGB Rules of Shooting ‘Recognised Rounds’ 308.  

The fox hanger is provided free when archers claim their first bar, the coloured bars cost £2.00 each, bars must be claimed in date and colour order, with only one bar being issued per score shot.

If you would like to claim an award please get in touch or ask one of the committee members.

Bow StyleWhiteBlackBlueRedGoldPurpleRound
Longbow406090105  Warwicks
456595110  Long Metrics
6085125150  Nationals
85115180205  Westerns 
150175225275325400WA 1440/Metrics
70110130185  Long Metrics 
120150190250  Nationals 
150215260335  Westerns 
225275325400550675WA 1440/Metrics
Recurve160200250300  Warwicks 
175225300380  Long Metrics 
250300375440  Nationals 
325400500600  Westerns 
4005506758259501075WA 1440/Metrics
Compound250300340365  Warwicks 
300400475525  Long Metrics 
375450500545  Nationals 
500600680730  Westerns 
675825950107511501225WA 1440/Metrics

All imperial outdoor rounds are shoot on a 122cm target and are measured in yards, 5 zone scoring is used for all rounds. The following table lists all the imperial outdoor rounds and shows the number of dozen arrows at each distance.

Hereford/Bristol I64212U18Adult
Bristol II64212U16U18
Bristol III64212U14U16
Bristol IV64212U12U14
Bristol V64212-U12
St. George3339AdultAdult
Short Windsor3339U16U18
Junior Windsor3339U14U16
Short Junior Windsor3339U12U14
New Western448AdultAdult
Long Western448AdultAdult
Short Western448U16U18
Junior Western448U14U16
Short Junior Western448U12U14
American2 ½2 ½2 ½7 ½AdultAdult
St. Nicholas437U14U16
New National426AdultAdult
Long National426AdultAdult
Short National426U16U18
Junior National426U14U16
Short Junior National426U12U14
New Warwick224AdultAdult
Long Warwick224AdultAdult
Short Warwick224U16U18
Junior Warwick224U14U16
Short Junior Warwick224U12 U14