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Membership to the club costs the following amounts each year:

  • Seniors £75
  • Students £56.25 (proof of eligibility may be requested)
  • Juniors (under 18’s) £15
  • Social £5

Membership fees are due each July.

Seniors may pay their fee in 2 halves (July & November)

Social members may not shoot.

Affiliation to the national body, Archery GB, as well as the county & region must be paid by all members at a rate dependant on the category you’re in and the time of year you join:

 October - MarchApril - JuneJuly - AugustSeptember
Senior (25 and over)£53£29£17£5
Senior (18-24)£16.50£9.50£7.50£2.50

* For Junior archers the club charges only £5 for affiliation and covers the rest

Pro Rata Costs

Senior & Student membership costs are reduced pro rata throughout the year (as they are already very low in comparison, Junior & Social membership remains unchanged).

The below table shows the total joining fee based on which month you join the club (club fees and affiliation combined):

Seniors O25£90.50£84.00£78.00£47.50£41.50£35.00£92.00£85.50£67.50£109.00£103.00£96.50
Seniors U25/Disabled£54.00£47.50£41.50£28.00£22.00£15.50£82.50£76.00£65.00£72.50£66.50£60.00
Students O25£81.00£76.00£71.00£43.00£38.00£33.50£73.00£68.50£51.50£95.00£90.50£85.50
Students U25£44.50£39.50£35.00£23.50£18.50£14.00£63.50£59.00£49.00£58.50£54.00£49.00

Family Discount

The club also operates a family discount to try and reduce the cost of membership for families wishing to take part in our sport. Our official wording on this is as follows “The club shall also operate a membership discount which shall be extended to archers of the club residing at the same address, or who are parents or guardians of junior members. The first archer, joining as a senior member shall pay the full club fee, all subsequent archers shall receive a 20% discount on their club fee. In exceptional cases, this discount may be extended, subject to the discretion of the committee. Social membership fees, and affiliation fees, shall remain unaffected.”

The below table shows the total joining fee for those members eligible for the reduced rate:

Seniors O25£83.00£77.80£73.00£43.80£39.00£33.80£79.40£74.20£59.80£97.80£93.00£87.80
Seniors U25/Disabled£46.50£41.30£36.50£24.30£19.50£14.30£67.90£62.70£53.90£61.30£56.50£34.80
Students O25£75.40£71.40£67.40£40.20£36.20£32.60£64.20£60.60£47.00£86.60£83.00£79.00
Students U25£38.90£34.90£31.30£20.70£16.70£13.10£52.70£49.10£41.10£50.10£46.50£42.50

Existing Archers

Any person wishing to join the club must prove that they are able to shoot safely & have completed a beginners course. Therefore one of the clubs coaches will assess your shooting to ensure that you meet the required standard. If you are already affiliated to Archery GB you must produce your affiliation card to prove this.

Just drop us an email if you’d like to join and we’ll arrange a time to check your shooting.

Beginners Courses 

If you’re new to archery and are looking to join us then we will need to teach you how to shoot safely and successfully. We run a number of beginners courses throughout the year which will help you to achieve this. These take place over the course of a weekend with each day starting around 9am and continuing through to approximately 5.30pm (you must attend both days). The courses costs £50 per person and we provide all the required equipment. Archery is suitable for all ages so juniors are most welcome, however we do ask that a parent or guardian joins them on the course (for under 8s please contact us for advice before booking a place). We’ll provide everything that you need for the weekend so just bring yourselves!

As we own our own field you can shoot whenever you wish once you have joined the club. That said, weekends and Tuesday & Thursday evenings tend to be the most popular times.

2020 courses will be held on the following weekends:

  • 28th & 29th March
  • 27th & 28th June
  • 1st & 2nd August

If you’d like to book onto a course you can do so using our online store. Payment for bookings is required up front.

If you any questions before booking a place please contact us.